12 August 2020

Five impressive Brutalist
buildings in Europe

Concrete. That is probably the first thing most of us think about when they hear the term โ€˜Brutalismโ€™. Not without reason, as a lot of Brutalist [โ€ฆ]
7 July 2020

Palm Springs:
The Mecca of the โ€œChicโ€ Desert

A two-hour drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is like an open-air museum. Home to post-war Hollywood stars, the city is full of minimalist gems built [โ€ฆ]
19 June 2020

Ghent in June:
A trip to the beautiful Flemish city

A souvenir from a trip I took back in 2017. The train approaches St. Pieters station as if in slow motion, the long line of cars [โ€ฆ]
15 June 2020

Souvenirs of Almaty

Seated on my couch in late May, 2020, reading about the EUโ€™s effort to give citizens the opportunity to travel in safety, I think back to [โ€ฆ]
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