🇭🇷 Croatia

21 October 2020

National Park Risnjak: Being a guest in the home of the lynx

Did you know that lynx is one of the rarest and most hidden wild animals in Europe, on the verge of extinction? Only the best hunters […]
16 October 2020

Travel restrictions in brief: Croatia 🇭🇷

NOTE: Last update of this article occurred on October 16th. 1. Borders As of July 1st, all nationals of EU and EEA countries can enter Croatia. […]
9 October 2020

Top 5 traditional Croatian dishes
to try in Zagreb

When visiting Croatia, in whatever part of the country you go, one thing is sure: you will enjoy delicious food. Croatian people are true gourmands and […]
22 September 2020

Cape Kamenjak:
The perfect getaway

At the very south of the Croatian peninsula Istria, just around ten kilometres from the town of Pula, there is a special oasis of pristine nature […]
11 September 2020

Karlovac: A Croatian gem
you must not miss

In the heart of Croatia there is a perfect little town that you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting the country. Everything is special about Karlovac […]
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