13 October 2020

Responsible Tourism in Colombia – Cartoon

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21 September 2020

Belgium has the most powerful passport worldwide – Cartoon

Passport Index has revealed its ranking of passports for 2020. The ranking is based on the ease with which citizens can travel abroad and be allowed to […]
14 September 2020

AstraZeneca’s vaccine trials halted over side effect – Cartoon

The late-stage of the coronavirus vaccine trials have been temporarily stopped by the developer AstraZeneca to assess the appearance of suspicious “undesirable and serious side effect” […]
7 September 2020

Lockdown in Paradise due to Covid-19 – Cartoon

Rob Small has been stuck since March on the tropical island of Upolu, Samoa, because of the travel restrictions linked to Covid-19 pandemic. Upolu is the […]
31 August 2020

Geneva offers money to tourists visiting the city – Cartoon

Geneva Tourism has launched and initiative whereby travelers may receive money to visit the city. Visitors receive a Geneva Gift Card of 100CHF (approximately $USD 111) […]
24 August 2020

Covid-19: Women led countries responded better to the pandemic – Cartoon

According to a study published by Elsevier’s SSRN, countries led by women perform better to Covid-19 than countries with male leaders. Since the start of the […]
16 August 2020

Face mask now mandatory in Brussels – Cartoon

The number of confirmed Covid-19 infections in the Brussels-Capital Region has passed the threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the wearing of a face […]
9 August 2020

Don’t bring your Covid-19 over here! – Cartoon

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2 August 2020

Airlines may not recover from Covid-19 – Cartoon

According to the forecast the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the recovery in air traffic has been slower than what was expected. The forecast reveals that […]
26 July 2020

Who pays the bill? – Cartoon

To help Europe recover from the devastating economic repercussions wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission has proposed a €750 billion stimulus plan, coupled with a […]
19 July 2020

Llama antibodies: A remedy for Covid-19? – Cartoon

Researchers in the UK announced on July 14th that antibodies taken from llamas could fight the coronavirus. The antibodies could be used as a treatment with […]
12 July 2020

Restaurants versus Covid-19 – Cartoon

Travel Tomorrow’ weekly cartoon takes an ironic look at the world of tomorrow.  In most countries restaurants are opening again, but the outbreak of the global […]
5 July 2020

US citizens banned from entering Europe – Cartoon

You can follow Travel Tomorrow’s cartoonist work on Twitter and Instagram.
28 June 2020

Are they still flying? – Cartoon

Airlines in Europe are set to lose $21.5 billion in 2020, with passenger demand declining by over 50%. Brussels Airlines, which employs 4,200 people, said last […]
21 June 2020

190 million jobs at risk in the Travel sector – Cartoon

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel and tourism sector faces the risk of up to 190 million jobs being lost due to […]
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